Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does it work?
TeakTrak is designed to keep a record of where a person has traveled during a tracking run. A run can take a few hours or a few days. The person using the app gets to decide when a run ends. For example, if a user intends to cover a large area and it takes several days to get it done, when that person logs out of the app before the area has been covered, he or she will answer "No" when asked if the run is complete and only answer "Yes" when the full area has been covered. In that way, the full area covered will be displayed in a single map. Runs can be left open for up to five days. If a user plans to cover two different areas in a single day, in order to produce separate maps for each area, he or she will answer "Yes" when one area has been covered and "Yes" again when the second area has been covered. When you open the TeakTrak app, you will see either one or two of these messages:

●  Start New Tracking Run - This starts a new run since the previous run had been completed.

●  Active tracking run started on MM/DD/YY - To continue a run that had been started earlier (the MM/DD/YY indicated when the run had been started), select this option.

●  End run and start a new one - If the previous run had not been marked as completed but now you wish to start a new one, choose this option. Note that you will not be able to reactivate the earlier run.

What Permissions Settings are Required to Use TeakTrak?
When you first open the TeakTrak app you will be asked to allow TeakTrak to use your location. For iPhone, click on "Allow while using App" so that we can track you as you run your route. For Android, click on "Allow" when you are asked to allow TeakTrak to access this device's location. iPhone requires additional permissions. When you first start a run, you will be asked to allow TeakTrak to also use your location even when you are not using the app. While TeakTrak will never use your location when you are not using the app, you have the option of having the app track only while it is displayed on your screen or to also track if you open another app while TeakTrak is running. To allow "background" tracking select "Change to Always Allow"; to track only when the TeakTrak map is visible on your screen, choose Keep only While Using. When you first press START, you will be asked to allow TeakTrak to track your activity across other companies' apps and websites. While TeakTrak will never track or share your activity across any other company's apps or websites, you should select Ask not to Track.

In summary, as you are asked for responses during the initial setup, choose from these:

●  Allow while using App

●  Change to Always Allow (for background tracking) or Keep Only While Using (track only while TeakTrak is visible)

●  Ask Not to Track

Is the App Always Tracking?
The TeakTrak app tracks only when the app is running. When you open the app, it is running until you log out. To be specific, if the app is displaying NOW TRACKING on the map view, it is tracking. If it is displaying PRESS START TO BEGIN TRACKING it is not tracking. As indicated in the paragraph above, with the iPhone, you can decide if the app continues to track if you leave the app to open another program. Regardless of your selection, if you receive an incoming phone call while using the app, tracking will not be interrupted. But, if you have selected Keep Only While Using, if you leave the app to make an outgoing phone call, be sure to go back to the map view as soon as you have made the phone connection in order to continue tracking during your phone call. Similarly, you can listen to music or a podcast as long as you go back to the map view as soon as you have started the music or podcast. With the Android, it is different. The Android will track whether or not the map view is displayed as long as it is in the NOW TRACKING mode.

Does it Keep Track of the Distance Traveled and the Average Speed?
Yes, in the "Activity" tab in your TeakTrak account, you can see the number of miles traveled and the average speed for the run. The distance and time are recorded only when the App is in the NOW TRACKING mode so you can hit PAUSE for a lunch break and not affect your run distance or average speed. Note that this feature is available only at the Group level and above.

How am I Charged?
There is no charge for the individual access. If you add a second person (or more) to your account, you will automatically shift from Individual to Group access. To continue to have access to the system for Group access, you would need to have entered a credit card or bank account (don't worry, we'll remind you!). We charge on a monthly basis based on use. No use, no charge. If you want Enterprise features, give us a call or email us and we will set you up.

When is My Credit Card Charged?
There is no charge for using TeakTrak as an Individual (one device) for life time. If you use TeakTrak as Group user, you will be asked to enter a credit card number or bank account number if you had not already done so. You will be billed for a billing month only if you had initiated a tracking run during that period. If you had not used the system during a billing month, you will not be charged for that month. At the beginning of a billing month, TeakTrak will get a preapproval from your credit card for your monthly rate but you will be charged only at the end of the billing month and only for the fees that you actually incurred. For example, if you did not use the TeakTrak system during the month, you will not be charged even though a preapproval had been given. If you shift from an Individual account to a Group account (by adding additional devices), the Group rate will apply starting with the following billing month.

What is the "Devices" Tab Showing?
This is a list of all devices that are active and attached to your account. To add a new device, use the “Add” button. However, if you are adding the second device, you are automatically moving from the Individual category to the Group category and the per user per month rate will increase. These are the columns in the display:

●  Delete - Use this icon to remove from your account a device that is no longer needed. You can remove any device except the original device. If the original device is replaced, the Device Number of that device can be used in the replacement device.

●  Name - This is a name that you use to identify a device so that you can know which device was used to produce a run map. Most people will find it useful to use the first name of the person who carries the device.

●  Email - This email address is used to provide the activation codes to the person that will be using the device.

●  Device Number - Each device is assigned a unique 8-digit code. This is used when activating a new device and it can be found in an activated device using the “About App” tab in the device menu. As with the original device, if a device is replaced, the same device number can be used in the replacement device.

●  Validation Code - When activating a new device, you will enter this code to ensure that the device is properly assigned to your account.

●  Status - It shows the device status as either Active or Inactive.

Can I Mark Special Locations in Advance of My Run?
This is an option that is available to you if it is helpful. It lets you mark certain addresses with one of three color codes. As you travel the area, these codes appear on the map display. This feature can be used to flag certain locations where the resident has indicated that they do not wish deliveries or it can be used to identify locations where you want to make a special delivery. The green icons also appear on the "Overview" map so that you can check to be sure that you have visited each of those locations. Note that this feature is available only at the Group level and above.

How Can I See the Map of My Run?
Run maps can be seen in the Activity tab on the TeakTrak website. This is where you get to see the maps that show the path traveled by each run of each device. Runs are defined by the start date and time and by the ending date and time. You can choose a date range and only runs that started during that selected date range will be listed. These are the columns in the display:

●  Checkbox - Check the run or runs that you wish to view and then click on the Display Map button at the bottom of the list to view them.

●  Name - The date and time when the run was started.

●  Begin - The date and time when the run was started.

●  End - The date and time when the run was ended. If this is blank, that means that the run is still unfinished. Note that you can still see the area that has been covered so far for an unfinished run.

●  Share Map - If you wish to email a copy of the map to someone, use the Share Map button at the top of the map display.

If the device used for the run has a data plan, the tracking information will be viewable right away. If no data plan exists, the tracking information will be available only when the device has WiFi connectivity. Note that runs will remain viewable for six weeks after the run begins.

What is the "Profile" Tab Showing?
This contains information about the account. Click on the icons at the left to select the view:

Payment Info – This view displays the credit cards, debit cards, or bank accounts that are registered with your account. To add or modify payment information, click on the “Manage Payment Method” button. TeakTrak makes charges monthly based on activity and based on your payment period. Your payment period is a calendar month that is defined by the date that your trial period ends. You can see the dates of your payment period in the Subscription tab after payments start. These are the columns in the display:

●  Type - This indicates the type of payment method.

●  Reference - These are the last digits of the card or bank account.

●  Exp. Date/Routing# - This is the expiration date of the credit or debit card or the Bank Account Routing#.

●  Status - This indicates if the payment method defined is primary and should be used by TeakTrak for monthly payments.

The "Manage Payment Method" displays any payment methods that have been registered to your account. Use the "Add a New Payment Method" link to add, edit, or delete a payment method. For example, when your credit card expires and you get a new credit card, use the Edit option to update the data.

The Shipping Information section can be left blank.

Personal Info - This section refers to the person that is in charge of the account. These are the fields in the display:

●  First Name - First name of the person that is in charge of the account.

●  Last Name - Last name of the person that is in charge of the account.

●  Email - email of the person that is in charge of the account.

●  Update - Click on Update to save any entries or changes that you made to the fields above.

●  CANCEL SERVICE - If you wish to cancel your account, click on CANCEL SERVICE. This will make all devices registered to your account inactive. You will still have access to any maps that had been created prior to that time. If you CANCEL SERVICE, this button will change to RESUME SERVICE and, by clicking on that button, all devices registered to your account will be reactivated. Note that your billing period doesn't change and if you cancel service in the middle of the billing period, any charges incurred during the active period will be charged at the end of the billing period.

Change Password - To change your password, first enter your current password and then enter your new password two times. When you click on the UPDATE PASSWORD button, your password will be changed.

What is the "Subscription" Tab Showing?
This view lists out all charges history made to your account. These are the columns in the display:

●  Users - This is the number of users for which a charge was made. A user for this purpose is a device that had had one or more runs that started during the billing period. A registered device that had had no activity during the billing period will not be charged.

●  Total Charge - Total dollar amount.

●  Period Starts - First day of the billing period.

●  Period Ends - Last day of the billing period.

If a row shows in green, it means that the charge has been approved but not yet billed. If a row shows in red, it means that the charge approval failed.